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Amelia Ryan is Lady Liberty


Sexy, sassy and side-splittingly hilarious, a night with this critically acclaimed cabaret siren (winner: Adelaide Fringe Weekly Best Cabaret, nominee: Fringe World Best Cabaret) is like a bender with your bestie.

In a highly relatable call to arms, she tackles the pressing (and totally first world) issues facing the modern woman in search of liberty; from Las Vegas romps to long-lasting love, champagne-guzzling to green-juicing, and box gaps to feeling #blessed. Think ‘Eat, Pray…Shove!’.

Lady Liberty premiered at the 2015 Adelaide Cabaret Festival upon invitation from Mr. Barry Humphries, and is accompanied by Michael Griffiths (COLE, Sweet Dreams: Songs by Annie Lennox) on the keys. With powerhouse vocals, prolific parodies and party games to make you blush, it’s the liberation celebration you won’t want to miss!



Assembly George Square Theatre (Venue 8)


4 August - 14 August

16 August - 21 August

23 August - 28 August



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