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Electric Fields


Electric Fields is Zaachariaha Fieldingwhose rare and beautiful voice has been described as ‘taking soul to the stratosphere’ – with Michael Ross – a gifted musician and exceptional music producer.

They are creating a potent new music – blending electronic dance music with soul – often incorporating Zaachariaha’s traditional Anangu language – and also giving us glimpses of traditional Anangu music.

This exciting duo has achieved some outstanding highlights since launching in July 2015. With distinctive musicality and creativity, they are producing music which offers something unique and exciting. Arresting arrangements range from high energy electronic soul music, through to mesmerising epic-scale work that sweeps you up into a new world – through to the intimacy and power of poetic song-stories.


Electric Fields will be performing:

  • Sunday 14 August at Summerhall
  • Wednesday 17 August at Wine Bar, Gilded Balloon @ 12am
  • Thursday 18 August at The Counting House Ballroom, Gilded Balloon @ 12.15am


Summerhall and Gilded Balloon


14 August

17 August

18 August


12am and 12.15am

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