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‘Eric’s Tales of the Sea – A Submariner’s Yarn’


I could never have anticipated such an emotional rollercoaster from a comedy about submarines. As Eric talks the audience through his time in the Royal Navy, he juxtaposes humour with life-threatening situations, relentlessly shifting between the two, and completely screwing with our emotions.

His sublime comic timing and his skill for story-telling has everyone engrossed as he describes the adventures, dangers and laughs he experienced as a submariner, but the overwhelming theme of the show is one of friendship.

The audience is hushed as he takes us to the edge of tears, before abruptly switching gears, replacing the expectant silence with laughter. Thrilling, witty and inspirational, ‘Eric’s Tales of the Sea’ leaves you feeling uplifted and emotionally drained. A one in a million show that I can’t recommend highly enough. (Three Weeks)

“A one in a million show *****” – Three Weeks

“A quietly wonderful show ****” – The Times

“Mesmerising ” – The Guardian

“Breathtaking, poignant, suspenseful, and hilarious ****” – The List

“Adventures so tense, you almost forget to breathe *****” – hairline

“Gripping” – Spoonfed

“In a genre of its own ****“ – Edinburgh Guide

“Truly Excellent  *****” – Fringe Review

“Beautifully crafted, deeply moving” – TimeOut

“Simply mesmerising. This show has a beating heart *****” – Broadway Baby

“Literally made me gasp out loud *****” – Fringe Guru

“Deeply Moving ****” – Adelaide Advertiser

“One of the most heartfelt shows I’ve seen ****” – Rip it Up

“Uniquely delightful *****” – The West Australian

“Beautifully delivered tale of friendship ***** “ – The Herald Sun (Melbourne)


Just the Tonic at The Caves (venue 88)


5 August - 14 August

16 August - 28 August



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