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The Deer Johns


Following six successful outings at the Adelaide Fringe, The Deer Johns have decided to have a crack at the big one – The Edinburgh Fringe. They’re taking their new show north of Hadrian’s Wall where even Roman Emperors feared to go.

‘The Deer Johns – A Journey’ chronicles the adventures of a young Scotsman on his journey through the northern hemisphere…and far beyond. Hear of his romantic liaisons with a famed exotic beauty and life-saving sailing companion, his scary encounter with a much-feared evil oligarch, his near-death experience at the hands of an apocalyptic meteorological event and his ultimate stratospheric ascent into the annals of history. All this and more is brought to life through the words and music of The Deer Johns’ own melodic compositions as well as songs from such icons as Queen, David Bowie, The Beatles, The Proclaimers, Travis, ELO, The Eagles and others. If that’s not enough, see the Deer Johns make tits of themselves with dodgy choreography, implausible acting, poor prop-handling, gratuitous costume-changing (well…hats) and tasteless comedy.

Playing at the award winning venue, theSpace @ Niddry St, from 16th – 20th August at 10:20pm. Come and see them before their mums find out and lock them back in their rooms.


theSpace@Niddry St


16 August - 20 August



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