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Dylan & Donovan, The Prophet, the Poet & the Sorcerers’ Apprentice

Steve Foster


Peace! Love ! War! Hear the stories behind the music from someone who was there

International award winning singer/songwriter, guitarist, mandolin, and harmonica player. Recorded his 1st original song while still at school in 1963, and still performing/recording today.

Fresh from his hugely successful sold-out Adelaide Fringe Show in February 2016, Steve takes us on a musical journey down memory lane to a simpler time of the 60’s, when protest songs were king!

His own 500+ recorded original songs range across all genres; folk, rock, bluegrass, country, world, jazz, blues, movie music and radio & TV commercials. He is regularly heard on radio and TV shows performing live and in commercials and currently at the SA Festival of Arts and the Fringe.


Click here to see Steve’s 60 second commercial for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!


C at Saint Stephen's (Cabaret Bar), St. Stephen's Stockbridge, Edinburgh


14 August

17 August

19 August

21 August

24 August

26 August

28 August



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