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Wayne Carter teaches you to be fabulous


Can a man in a frock with questionable facial (and leg) fuzz teach you to be fabulous? Yes, even against the odds.

Even after a series of biblical challenges during Edinburgh Fringe 2015, Wayne Carter lived up to his show title. As Georgia Hurt, from musical duo Hurt and Anderson put it, “If my venue had a fire, flood, and break-in as well as someone being assaulted, I don’t think I could go on with my show!”. Wayne Carter brings his fabulous revamped show back to Edinburgh Fringe in 2016 with even more dancing, self-reflective stand up and drinking games than ever before.

Since leaving Adelaide, Australia, for London in late 2014, Carter has tickled funny bones in the London comedy scene.

He uses lip-syncs, jubilant dance routines and self-destructive comedic styling to highlight the plight of gender identity. “Comedians often attempt to establish a common ground to endear themselves to an audience, the humour arriving as a result of relatability and recognition,” said Dominic Spirra from EdFringe Review. “Wayne’s confessional narrative basically does the opposite.”

By the time the show concludes, Carter makes sure everyone has an understanding of what it means to be fabulous, sometimes with the assistance of an unsuspecting audience member.

“Wayne Carter brought a new exciting drag style to London comedy that is beautiful, refreshing and hilarious.”Kyle Wallace, G&B Comedy.

“The dance routine involved some explicit gesturing and much hilarity and might have been the most uninhibited thing I have ever seen.”Alannah Jones, EdFringe Review.

“Wayne Carter’s comedy is coming out whether you like it or not!” – Peter Bazely, An Alternative to Comedy.


Laughing Horse @ The Newsroom (Venue 93)


4 August - 28 August



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